Nutritional Jump Start

Photo by DragonImages/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by DragonImages/iStock / Getty Images

I often get asked questions about diet and nutrition.  Watching clients struggle with weight loss has been my greatest motivator in advancing my knowledge of how diet and exercise work together.  Nutrition is the largest contributor to overall health and wellness, as well as a major player in preventing disease.  What foods we put into our bodies will determine how our bodies perform.  If we do not provide our bodies proper nourishment, we will continue to feel hungry and never completely satisfied or fully energized.  Researching many different viewpoints on nutrition has helped me compile a list of the best foods for optimal health, disease prevention, and weight control.


All fruits

All vegetables


Olive oil

Coconut oil

Avocado oil

Herbs and spices


Sweet potatoes

Rolled & Steel cut oats

Almond milk (unsweetened)

Some full fat dairy ( Cheese, Greek yogurt)



All Lentils & Legumes

Grass-fed organic beef

Organic/hormone free chicken

Turkey (hormone free, minimally processed)

Least processed, nitrate-free, cuts of pork

Salmon & other fish



All Seeds (ex: chia, flax, sunflower)



Water (sparkling ok too)


Moderation is key to any diet or lifestyle.  Try to incorporate a variety of foods everyday and keep meat and the more complex carbohydrates to a minimum.  Eat as many vegetables and fruit as you like.  Don't deprive yourself of an occasional sweet dessert, but pay attention to the portion size and try not to indulge in treats everyday.  Mindful eating is another concept that I encourage.  Mindful eating means to only eat when you are hungry and pay attention to cues that signal your body is full.  Instead of "dieting" to change our weight; think of fueling your body as the reason to eat.  The less stress you place on eating, the less you think about food, and the easier it is to have a healthy relationship with food.