October Healthy Points Challenge


As we move from the warm days of summer

into the cooler fall weather, we all need some extra motivation to help extend our healthy routines into winter. This month’s challenge is about making a few changes that in turn will create a healthier, more energetic self.


Achieve as many points as we can each day during the month of October.  There are a total of 7 points possible each day to be gained.  The points system covers both nutritional and physical fitness habits that aid in optimal overall health and well-being.


The Healthy Points system

1 point - achieve 10,000 steps or more in a day

1 point - no alcoholic beverages

1 point - no refined or processed sugar/carbs (ex: desserts, cereals, processed food, chips, bagels, sweetened beverages)

1 point - eat 5+ fruits and vegetables servings throughout the day

1 point - complete 30-60 mins of strength training or equivalent mode of exercise (ex: yoga class, pilates class, spinning class, hiking)

1 point - Eat all meals entirely prepared/cooked/baked by you

BONUS **1 point - run 2+ miles (12 min/mile pace or faster) Or 10 minutes of plank/abdominal exercises Or spend part of the day learning something new about health & wellness-through an educational documentary, book, or podcast on nutrition or other health related content. (The Doctor’s Farmacy, by Mark Hyman is a great podcast, The Magic Pill documentary on Netflix is also a good one to check out)


The reward:

A healthier, stronger, and better you!   Making a lifestyle change takes time and commitment, but the payoff will feel so good. Hopefully, after staying steadfast for an entire month with YOUR well-being at the forefront, it will be easy to continue. I will also award the person with the most 7 point days in the month with a prize. So keep a daily log of your points & tally up all your 7 point days so we can add them to the leaderboard at the studio!