Small group training 

Small group training:  "For the social butterfly or new Seattle transplants open to making new friends" Think circuit training but new & fresh each time you walk through the door.  No repeats, means we can keep the body challenged with fresh NEW routines & the mind STIMULATED- no plateau's, no ruts, just a steady climb to long-term health.  It is a great choice for those seeking a great workout, that is COST EFFECTIVE, & in a  fun, social environment.  Small groups are 4-6 clients per 60 min session or 2-3 clients per 30 min session.  They are small enough to still offer individualized modifications and large enough to create a challenging, slightly competitive vibe where you can bond through sweat!


3-6 person 60 min session- $30 per session

2-3 person 30 min session- $25 per session