Our clients say it best

These are statements from our clients, both past and present. 

Extremely pleased with the workouts here! I have an injury which I feel is being protected yet not keeping me from performing effectively. I’m already noticing a big difference just a few weeks in. Clean studio, Teresa herself is thorough, knowledgable and very kind and empathetic.
— Casey Rasmussen / Facebook Review

Teresa is an amazing trainer and coach. I never thought I’d ever look forward to working out and now I do. When I started, I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without feeling some pain. Today, the elevator isn’t something I need, but something I use when feeling lazy.
— Tamara Horn / Facebook Review

I highly recommend Teresa. I’ve been working with her for 5 months and can really tell the difference. She challenges but doesn’t overwhelm, adjusts to a wide range of needs and abilities, and is very flexible with time and schedule, really trying to make it work for you. Plus she is personable and makes the workout go quickly.
— Tina R. / Google Review

I’ve never been to any other personal trainer, but, Teresa is exactly the person I imagine being the perfect personal trainer. She’s patient, unpretentious, and a good communicator. She offers a challenging exercise without making it impossible to execute. She offers small group classes (in addition to 1:1) that make it easier for budgeting people like me. I highly recommend Teresa.
— Leigh M / Yelp Review

I started training with Teresa in February to get in better shape and lose a few pounds for my upcoming wedding that took place in May. My fiancé and I signed up for twice a week, one hour circuit training. Originally this was going to be for 8 weeks and just for the wedding. We are still going. If you ask me why, it is because Teresa has helped us achieve real world results! I dropped two dress sizes in the eight weeks leading up to the wedding and now find myself in better shape than I have been in in probably 30 years. We have met many of Teresa’s clients: despite age and fitness level differences, they share one thing in common—a passion for exercise. I think Teresa is instrumental in instilling that passion for health. Her workouts are thoughtful, challenging but doable, and constantly evolve to make you stronger, toned, and more flexible. She is able to work around our busy schedule to make sure we can get in two appointments a week. West Seattle is lucky to have such a great Personal Trainer! When we first started with her, there were no reviews to direct us and we had to take a leap of faith. Her commitment to our training results is impressive and keeps us coming back!
— Julie G / Yelp Review