Two Ways to Get Stronger Together


Small Group Training:

This type of training is perfect for the social butterfly or new Seattle transplants open to making new friends. 

Think circuit training but new & fresh each time you walk through the door.  No repeats, means we can keep the body challenged with fresh NEW routines & the mind STIMULATED – no plateau's, no ruts, just a steady climb to long-term health.  It is a great choice for those seeking a great workout, that is COST EFFECTIVE, & in a fun, social environment.  Small groups are 4-6 clients per 60 min session or 2-3 clients per 30 min session.  They are small enough to still offer individualized modifications and large enough to create a challenging, slightly competitive vibe where you can bond through sweat!

  • No repeats keep workouts fresh

  • Great community vibe

  • 3-6 person 60 min session- $30-35 per session (+sales tax)

  • 2-5 person 45 min session $30-35 per session (+sales tax)

  • 2-3 person 30 min session- $25-30 per session (+sales tax)


One-on-One Training

This type of training is perfect for those that want to control the speed and pace of their workouts.

This style of training is perfect for those that want personalization. 1:1 training allows us to focus on just you for every session, helping to keep your workouts built around your individual progress and schedule. Each workout is specifically designed to meet your goals and can push harder or scale back as needed. Looking for an oasis from the chaos of gym life? Have too many pre-existing injuries to list?  This may be the safest, most effective way to spend your time at the gym.

  • 1 person/1 hr session- $75 session (+sales tax)

  • 1 person/30 min session - $40 session (+sales tax)